King Scoopa is running the ice cream game

If you want to enjoy your life to the fullest you should be eating this ice cream. Seriously. It's f***ing delicious.

It's also 100% guilt-free. You just eat it, get a bunch of awesome sensations in your mouth then go on with the rest of your beautiful life as a happier, more satisfied and fulfilled person.

Bring your friends too. They will love you even more for giving them this stuff. No one has ever, in the history of mankind, the world as we know it and the universe beyond gotten mad at someone for treating them to this ice cream. True story.


We do catering

We do catering for all sorts of events from baking birthday cakes to office parties. We've got portable Ice cream freezers and ice cream tricycles. Get in touch below and we'll sort you right out!


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Hornsgatan 156
 117 28 Stockholm



Closed for the season!

See you in 2020 dear friends!